Saturday, 14 May 2011


What a completly pants couple of days I have had.  Firstly the car starts making some very strange noise which get worse as i'm driving along the bypass I nearly cry as it feels like its just going to breakdown on me but I manage to get home.  I take it down to the garage they say they will give me a ring when they have chance to look at it, 20 min later I get the dreaded phone call............engines knackered!!!   Secondly camera decides not to work so that has been sent off for repair not sure what is wrong with it at the moment and then thirdly my slow cooker get a big crack in the pot and now I cant use it anymore.  I hope next week will be better, hopefully may win the lottery tonight!

Thankfully was cheered up by my sister in law who collected my raffle win from paper arts and I have some lovely clear stamps with cakes on and I have the perfect project for them.  Will let you know how I get on with some pics when my camera return.

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